Enjoy Your Favorite TV Shows and Sports with Player Klubs

Jul 20, 2021 by wpadmin

Players Klub is the leading digital TV service provider in Germany. It has been a top player in the industry for several years and continues to make progress in the global market. Its extensive reach and wide range of high-quality channels ensure that it provides you with high-quality entertainment even when you’re abroad. The various channels include favorites like Comedy Centrals, Deutschland Radio, ZDF, ARD, Sport TV, ZDF Plus, and Kickboxer TV among others.

High compatibility

Players Klub has recently expanded its offering with the release of the new app – HDTV Pass. HDTV Pass makes it possible to stream various HD channels and enjoy the best quality viewing on compatible devices. The application supports the new-gen HDTV devices such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, iPads, smartphones, as well as smart TVs. With HDTV Pass, you can not only watch popular German TV stations like ZDF, Sport TV, EDRi, MTI, Bavarian TV, and Zwickle but also international popular channels like ABS Bratwurst, CNBC, Cheddar, Sky News, and E! You can simply use the HDTV Pass software to register and stream live TV on compatible devices.

Great quality channel

Customers have expressed great interest in the program because they can instantly access the thousands of channels offered by Players Klub including premium channels. The service gives customers the best value for their money. It also allows them to save more than 50% compared to the regular subscription costs. In fact, players klub subscribers can avail of various discounts and special offers including free subscription, various gifts, and even free devices. Subscribers also get to enjoy a number of on-demand videos, TV shows, music channels, news, sports news, and others.


Customers are able to get the best entertainment experience from the comfort of their home thanks to the high-definition quality of the content provided by players club. With the installation of the app, customers can directly experience the program they have selected on their HDTV. The easy-to-use interface and the quick start function of the player make it very easy to stream the content on compatible devices. The most appealing aspect of the application is the easy installation process. In just a few minutes, users can install the app on their compatible devices.

Huge content

The kodi players Klub edition provides various functions and features that are especially designed to improve the viewing experience. The built-in channel viewer provides a number of channels. This is in addition to the hundreds of channels that are available through players club’s premium add-ons. The players club player can also be used as an out-of-home device. It can be used to access live satellite TV channels and catch up TV shows.


Players club is also available as an official android downloader app. Simple and easy download wizard guides the user through the entire process of downloading the players klub add-on and installing it on their compatible mobile devices. Users can now enjoy their favorite programs without any technical knowledge. These days a large number of people are relying on the internet for their entertainment needs. The application will help them get access to their favorite programs, while remaining secured and protected at the same time.